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Working Backwards Template

Plan your work in reverse by visualizing the steps it takes to bring the project to life.

Working Backwards Template

What is the Working Backwards template?

Adopt the working backwards method to take a look at your ideas from a different perspective. Start by identifying the current challenges you deal with in your company. Define the desired outcomes as simple sentences or key phrases, be it a finished product, outstanding feature, or new software on the market.

List every step you will need to take to achieve your goal. Place sticky notes on a pre-defined timeline to help you visualize the timeframes and team’s efforts. Finally, focus on the steps that would need to be taken now to make the project come to life. Take a look back at your insights again and decide with your team if the project is worth launching in the first place.


What are the benefits of the Working Backwards template?

Thanks to the Working Backwards template, you can:

  • Start your work with a finished product in mind which might help you better visualize the steps you need to take to achieve that goal.
  • Determine whether it is worth your time, energy, and resources to start working on a new product or feature.
  • Think about a product without creating a roadmap but being more customer-oriented.
  • Envision a feature or software launch as if it were taking place today.
  • Prepare insightful and objective documents to help sell the idea to the management team.


How to use the Working Backwards template in a few steps?

  1. Open the template or insert it on your already-existing board. Do the work backwards — from the last component on the right side.
  2. Identify the challenge you want to focus on and place it on a sticky note.
  3. Define the outputs you expect to achieve. You can write down ideal future statements, dates, or events you want to happen.
  4. Describe actions you want to take to reach your goal and place them on the 5-week timeline.
  5. Based on the timeline, characterize the steps you need to take now. Make your work faster by turning sticky notes into actionable Jira items.
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